Cast a spell to attract protection

Everyone on this earth wants protection from something or the other. They require protection against bad spells, thieves, diseases, problems and anything that you can think of, but most of the people have no idea about how things are done. For instance they visit a doctor with the hope of getting protection against diseases, without any disease the doctor cannot give any medicine. They can use high end security technologies and locks to keep things safe, but they cannot stop the thieves from coming. If you are also one of them and you are trying to find a way with which you will be able to have protection for everything that you want or need, then magic and spells can help you.


If you think that magic is something that is part of fantasy and there is no place for it real life, then you will be very surprised to find out that loads of people still believe in it. These people not only believe in magic, but they believe that with magic almost all the problems can be taken care of in the way you want to. There are things like spells, charms and other magical ways to get protection against those things that you know or think can harm you. If you are really interested into this part then you will like to have a firsthand experience in this matter. To gather that experience you can cast the spell yourself and see if you can get protection or not.


Here you will get to know about such a spell. It is a little more complicated than the spells that you have heard or used. You will require quite a number of things to perform this spell. The ingredients that you will require are as follows, 4 tablespoon of each of these things Frankincense or myrrh, black powdered iron, sea-salt, orris root powder or oak moss, a white candle, a bottle with cork or lid, mortar and pestle, parchment paper, black ink or ball point pen and black thread. After getting these ingredients, you have mix the sea-salt, orris root powder and iron in a bowl.


Then you have to cut the parchment so that it can be fitted within the bottle. Then you have to write the name of the person and the powers you want protection against. You have to bind the parchment with the black thread. You will then fill the bottle with the other ingredients and put the parchment in there. Finally you have to light the candle and seal the cork of the bottle by moving it counter clockwise and bury it somewhere safe. Now you will be completely protected against evils and problems.

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