Cast a spell to pass an exam successfully

Everyone has to take an exam in once in a while during student life. All the students study for their exams, but it cannot be the case that you will pass all the exams. Despite studying very hard sometimes, you tend to forget things or lose your grip and end up writing the wrong things or not at all. In such a situation you cannot possibly hope to pass the exam. You need some special arrangements to ensure a smooth passage through the exam. If you are about to speak in a public meeting and afraid about it, then also you have to do something to solve the problem.


Magic can be the solution that you are looking up to. Yes, there are spells which will help you to deal with the matter in a better way. It will help you to deal with both the matters. All you have to do is to find a suitable spell and perform it and you will cruise through everything. There are many spells in the internet; you have to choose the one that will see you through your problem. Here you will get to know about a simple spell that can prove quite helpful.


The spell goes as follows, you will require things like seven day or offertory candle in the large size, pass test oil, mint and verbena powder mix, King Solomon’s wisdom or alike incense, petitioner’s paper. You have to crave the ‘pass test’ phrase on the candle and then decorate the candle with the pass test oil and dust it with the powdered mix of mint and verbena. On the petitioner’s paper write the phrase ‘pass test’ seven times with your name and then fold it three times. Put the paper under an overturned saucer. Then you have to put the candle onto the saucer and light it. Also light the incense and place in near the candle.


After these are over you have to read psalm 23 and also your wish. Now you can be sure that you will pass the exam or the public meeting. Along with all the information about the spells and magic, you will also require a piece of advice, and that is you have to study. If you think that only performing spells will make you pass the exam, then you are wrong. Magic is something that enhances your chances or capability. If you do not have any of them, then magic also will not work for you.

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