Cast spells to attract money

Money is an important catalyst that we all need to make our life a little more comfortable. If you have money, then your confidence will be sky high. If you do not have enough money, then your life in this world of materialism will be miserable. Money is a factor that depends on several things. First, your competency! The more competent you are in your job, the more you have the chance to earn money for your own. This is as simple as that. Some people say, “Money is sweeter than honey!” Well, this is a hard truth. It is always better to cry on the back seat of BMW, then crying on a cycle. This is the power of money. It cannot do everything, but have potential to fetch many things for you.


The big factors for earning money are hard work and dedication, blended with a bit of good luck. Well, even though many of us put some hard efforts, try harder, but get no fruitful results. What should we call this? It can be illustrated as the hardship of luck, and lack of good opportunities in life. Luck plays a great role in our life. How many of you seen or heard about some people, who become rich through gambling or winning lottery? Well, there are so many instances. In order to spin the bottle of luck in your favour, you can try out some old Wiccan tricks. This will give you a great opportunity to become wealthy enough to possess all those things that are required for sheer comfort in life.


For attracting money towards your fate, you just have to perform some simple steps. Witch-cult is a great bless for the human beings. If you can believe in this, you will find a lot of positive impacts in your life. Be careful about using or casting these magical spells. Do not use them for betraying someone. Erroneous use of these spells may backfire, and possible could make your life miserable. So, be careful. Casting spell for attracting money is easy, but still, you should be careful enough. If you are not confident with them, seek the help of an experienced witch or spell caster.


Ingredients for Money Attracting Spells

A few simple things, which are easy to find, is required for casting this spell. These ingredients are:

  • Brass Plate
  • 6 Green Candles
  • 9 Coins
  • Silk Material
  • Dried Basil


  • Heap nine coins in a circle.
  • Light the candle and make your wish for money.
  • Now, bring out the coins at the centre.
  • Pour wax on them, and cut a disc of wax, containing a coin.
  • Sprinkle dried basil over the disc.
  • Leave the coin at some place, where it can catch daylight.

Simple yet powerful! This is what the magic spells are. If you do this with faith in mind, you will surely find some positive changes in your life.

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