Free love spells to make someone call you

If you are in love with someone but the person never calls you or looks at you or does not have similar feeling as like you, or you want someone to call you and propose you then you need love spells to make someone call you. These kinds of love spells would help you to make a person think about you to an extent that he or she would call you and let their desires out before you.


Such love spells can be casted using white magic or black magic or other forms of magic and are casted by love psychics, especially those who have more experienced in casting this kind of spell. if you visit a love psychic then the first thing they would do is understand what exactly your problem is and then accordingly would cast a spell for you. Once the spell is casted, the results can be seen within three weeks and then the spell should be topped up with another love spell to give string results. Thou this kind of spells are casted by professional love psychics but if you do a little research then you would find many free love spells to make someone call you. What you should know is the best ingredients required to cast the spell and how to cast the spell. After much research I have found one such spell that really works, so go on read below on how to do it.


You would require a phone candle, these candles are made as a replica of a phone handheld or a cell phone replica, has a place for inscribing name in the ear piece and mic end. Buy the red color or pink color only. Write your name on the ear piece end and the person whom you want to call you in the mic end, and then place it near your window. Check your local weather supply to know the moon phase, you need to burn this candle during a waxing moon phase, best is when the moon is growing to become a full moon. When the candle is half burn then sit beside the candle and chant the below written spell five times and blow it off, you need to do the same thing again on the next same moon phase and this time the candle would relinquish itself, but do not forget to chant the spell that time as well.


Look at the moon and say


“Lady of love, Goddess Aphrodite,


Callum calles culler caller, callum calles culler caller,


I blow this candle in your name, and let you give a call to the name inscribed,


Bless me of lady love, so that when my name burns I get a call.”


Then blow of the candle, and repeat the same process in the next same moon phase, you would see that once the candle is burnt in whole within few days you would get a call from the person you have casted this spell for.

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