Free love spells

Love spell is one of the most demanding spell that one would look for while searching for spell help. Out of every ten people looking for help with spells, eight or even nine of them would look for a love spell, and that can be for variety of reason. Since internet is a big world in itself, and almost everyone is allowed to post anything or everything they might like to hence at times we also see scammers and fraudster scamming or cheating people when it comes to spells and especially love spells. Having said that, most of us look for free spells, so that we are secured that we are not paying anything, and in fact most of the real spell caster and love psychic would like to offer you a free love spell for the first time, and once you see its working and yielding you results then you can go ahead and buy a spell from that love psychic.


Researching for a long time I found some free spells that can be cast by anyone, and below is one of them, it is a free love spell, so feel free to cast it and see the effects, since magic spells do not bring any harm.


You would require a male and female genital candle, to resemble a male and female, now you need to make a hole in the female genital candle and insert the male genital candle in the hole, resembling union, make a circle and around the circle lit up sandalwood incense sticks, between the circle put the candle and lit up both the candles, a time would come when both the candles would start burning near to each other, at that point of time cast the below spell thirteen times.


"Unite us thy,
Will never be shy
Oh love princess,
Bless thy us, so we get unite"

Free love spells to make him come back

It has been found that most of us look for help with love spells but it has been also observed that the most typical scenario is when we want to get our man back to us. Though we look for help with spells and might approach spell casters or psychics who are expert in casting spells, we might also fear of not spending much on the same, or might be we do not have that much to spend, this in turn results in letting us find free love spells to make him come back.


Most of the time free spells are generic and does not shows quite a good effect, for which we get depressed and thus looking into the same scenario, I have researched a lot and came up with a free spell that you can cast of your own and it is sure to work.


First you would need few ingredients as follows: picture of the person whom you want to come back to you, your picture, a re-unite candle, make sure you get a red color only, since black color is used to break up and bring back, so if your man is now seeing someone else then you would require a black color, else a red color. You would also need sandalwood powder along with some incense granules and a granule burner. In the granule burner, put the granule powder and both of your pictures, then burn the incense and close the lid of the burner, when the pictures are burning with the incense granules make sure that the vapor coming out of the burner spreads all across the room, when everything is burnt then take out the ashes and with the dust cover the red color re-unite candle you have bought, so that when you burn the candle the ashes again gets burnt.


When this is happening, cast the below spell exactly fifteen, seventeen or twenty one times, the spell should not be stopped in between until you have finished the whole counter, so you need to go on casting it for the number of time you choose to.


"Bring him back, I pray to thee,
Bring him back, make me happy,
I gave you red, I gave you brown,
Burn the ashes and bring him down."

Free love spell that works

We all look for love spell, that is the first reason most of us have when we look for a spell help, well, love spells can work wonder if casted properly and is used to cast variety of love related spells and fix the problem related to love, no matter it is to bring back your ex, or you want a good marriage proposal, or want to physically attract someone, make someone love you or think about you, needs can be different but the solution is one which is casting a love spell.


Effective love spells are cast only by professional spell caster or love psychic, but their services may be costly at times, so the next option is to look for a free love spell, to be frank, you would get many such so called free love spell, what you need to realize or find is a free love spell that works. After much research about the same I have come up with a free love spell that works. This one is cast for finding your love.


You would need a green candle, a box of cinnamon incense stick and some ginger incense granules along with a chart paper. On the chart paper write your name in the middle, big enough to cover the chart paper in whole, and in the remaining space write the different names of the person(s) whom you think can be your love mate, on the middle of the chart paper install the candle and light it, on one side the incense stick and on three other side the incense granules and lit them all. Let all this burn and you will see that after sometime the chart paper will catch fire, do not panic let the chart paper burn, when the fire extinct you will see that one name is left over and that would be the name of the person who would be your love mate.


As soon as the paper catches fire, start chanting the below spell, and keep chanting until the fire extinct. You will notice that the number of time you have repeated the spell, is the number of days you will have to discover your love mate or that person to approach you.


"Aphrodite, you are the love god
Take my offer, and please me Thor
Speed is what needed, bring thy to me
I pray thy to all, let me find my love within."

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