How to attract wealth

Wealth, in other terms money, lucre is something that we all need, though wealth may be of various kinds but mostly is associated with money, so we would talk about how to attract wealth or rather how to attract money, well the first thing we all should know is the law of attraction, it also exist in the universe, so whatever we think of is attracted towards us, I do not know whether my readers have read the power of will, for if not then this little book teaches us the power of our will, rather it teaches us on what we can achieve if we want it to achieve, similarly if you want to attract wealth then you have to be determined for it and you would see that you are getting what you want.


Another way to attract wealth is by visiting a black magic spell caster or a white magic spell caster, a spell caster would understand your requirements and then cast wealth spells for you, and they might also give you talisman or amulet to be worn for a specific period of time or till abundance.


You can even cast a wealth attraction spell yourself. You would require five golden coins, ten silver coins, fifteen bronze coins, a packet of gold dust and some incense granules along with an incense burner. Put all the golden, silver and bronze coins inside the incense burner and then cover the same with gold dust and put all the incense granules on top of it, make sure you have enough granules to make it burn for a minimum half an hour, light the incense granules and cover the lid, then enchant the below written spell and while doing so move from one corner of your room or home to the other so that the smoke coming out of the burner spreads all across your room or home.


“Lucas fucus, hocus feing


Lucas focus, hocus feing


Bring me wealth I pray to then


Bring me wealth I pray to then


Majumboo majuri wealth hai meri


Majumboo majuri wealth hai meri.”

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