How to seduce men and attract them sexually

If you are interested into playing the game and seduce men as you wish then it is very clear that you are a woman who loves to live life in her own terms. If you are already experienced into this game, then you will not require any briefing as such, but some handy tips will never fail you. Use these tips well and you will be bale to win over the man or men your eyes have fallen on. These tips are quite more general and you have to use them the way you want. Whenever you are getting tips from anyone about anything make sure that you follow the instructions, yet the method has your own approach. This way, you will be able to charm the person you want.


Some of the tips are as follows, to seduce a man the first thing that you have to find out is what that man needs in life. If the person is already in a relationship, try to find out what he wants but does not get from his girlfriend. After finding the void try and fill it, but you have to do that effortlessly, you cannot let the man see that you are trying too hard to get to him. A little appreciation can take you a long way, to praise the man for the little thing he does, like buying you a drink or opening the door for you and so on. You may be quite capable of taking care of things, but make the man feel wanted and ask him for help. Do not go overboard of try to show yourself as something you are not. Be yourself, but keep the mystery alive. These are some of the ways to make him fall for you and get attracted sexually.


If you have already started to use these tricks or are thinking whether to start soon or not, then you must have to keep patience. You cannot hope to have instant result in this way. Now, if you require instant result, you have tweak around a little. How about a nice little does of magic? If you believe in magic then you know that it can work wonders and if you do not believe in these things, this is the time to try and find out the truth. You can use a simple spell for this effect. To perform the spell you have to cast a circle with rose petals of black, violet or red color. Then you have to light the candles and call the spirit to aid you. After the spell if over, blow the candle out and dispose the petals. You will be pleasantly surprised with the result, but remember one thing, these are for having a little fun and not for harming others.

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