Love spell to break them up and return your lover

Love is not controllable and this is the reason why unwanted people get attached to your partner. This however proves to be lethal for your relationship and many times you want to get that love back. Love spell to break them up and return your lover back to you is one of the best way to bring your lover back to you. Wicca magic world will provide the perfect way to do so. This will need you to be the person that your lover is with for the moment. Since this love spell cast will banish the love of that other person, you should be focused before performing this love spell.


True love gets the partner back in your life but if your love is not sacred or falls short in front of the other person then this might not help you. Beginning with the charm, you need some ingredients before starting this process. These ingredients are as follows:

  • Vervain leaves
  • Well-stroked fire
  • Licorice herb
  • Unicorn root
  • Marigold flower
  • Rosemary flower
  • Dried cumin

Starting the love spell, first you would break the attachment between your lover and the third person. The spell is best cast outside in the presence of faded moon for three nights in a row. Since it will involve a scorching flame in form of well stroked fire, it is better done at an open place. When the fire is high, throw the Vervain leaves into it and chant that third person’s name and say, “I need you not in his/her life. I want you not in his/her life. Leave and come back never and it will harm none, so be it”. Visualize the person’s face in the fire while doing so.


This is the first step in removing that third person from your lover’s life. After three days seeing the results you will have to follow the next step in the process. This will include bringing your lover back with your love. You will have to make a drawstring pouch which should be of dark color. Fill that with licorice herb along with dried and ground unicorn root, marigold flowers, fresh rosemary and finally fried cumin. Place this bag in your lover’s resting place somehow. If this is not possible then keep it near the picture of your lover with you. In 3 more days you will be getting your lover back in your life and abandon the third person and any other inclusion in between you and your lover.


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