Love spell to bring back ex-boyfriend

Has your boyfriend left you, do you want your ex-boyfriend to get back to your life again and forever, then take help of a love spell to bring back your ex-boyfriend. When we talk about love spells then this is one of the most demanded spell from the ladies. Many ladies approaches love psychics for remedies where they can bring back their ex-boyfriend back to them forever. An experienced love psychic can show you results in just few days wherein at times it may take weeks to see the results.


You can even cast love spells to bring back your ex-boyfriend yourself; below I have mentioned one such spell. Follow the same to get desired results. You would need to collect few things before you begin this, hence save my article and then go ahead and collect the items required, you would require a picture or photo of your ex-boyfriend, a pair of scissor, a heart shaped candle and five sandalwood flavored incense stick. You would also require five pieces of paper make sure they all are in the same size and a chart paper. Once you have gathered all this items, and then read the rest of my articles on what you should do next.


Cut the chart paper in a pentagon shape, means it would have five sides, now stick those five equally cut pieces of paper on these five sides of the pentagon, use a glue, do not staple. Now on each of the paper you need to write down the five senses, viz – tongue for taste, skin for sensation, eyes for look, ears for hearing and nose for smell, once you have written them down clearly, then take the picture of your ex-boyfriend and cut those five senses of his and stick them on those pieces as written, use a glue to stick it. Now on each side of the pentagon make a small hole to hold the five incense stick you bought. Place the heart shaped candle in between and light it and light the five incense sticks as well. Let the candle burn for when it would be going to blow off its own it would let the fire pass to the chart paper and then let the chart paper and the five pieces of paper also burn, everything should burn to ashes, collect the ashes and store it in your cupboard, you will see that the ashes would vanish in some time and the day the ashes vanishes completely your ex would return back to you forever.


When the incense stick is burning, you need to keep on chanting the below spell


“Back to me,


Backed by me,


Love to me,


Loved by me,


Let the fire ignite and unite us again,


Back to me – love to me.”

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