Love spell to bring your ex lover back

Before Starting this spell, I would like to suggest you to use a Professional Spell Caster, Free spells work, but you need a lot of concentration and some skills for them to work. I have used Ms Zelma from many times for different purposes and with Excellent Results!


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It is very hard for someone to forget the one you loved so easily. Whether its your first love or the one you never wanna let go, love spell can bring your ex lover back in your life. This is not any kind of black magic or a ritual to control the person’s emotion. Forcing someone to love you is worse than anything else in this world. This is where the magic world will help you bring back your ex lover in your life.


Love spells work in an indigenous way. This means that it will not manipulate the thoughts of your lover but will just remind him/her about your true love. This attraction or desire is connected to the way you are performing or casting the spell. Many times you are not connected with your soul and just follow the spell ritual. This will not help as your inside is the core of your thoughts and feelings. Hence, the first step in casting your love spell to bring back your ex lover is to think about your partner from your heart. Remember all the good moments shared with him/her and then just pour it out from inside. This can hurt as you will realize that the person is not there and this pain will be seen when you are casting the love spell.

To cast the love spell for bringing back your ex lover in our life would require some easy ingredients. These are all candles of different colors and are as follows:

  • Red candle for South direction
  • Green candle for North direction
  • Yellow candle for East direction
  • Blue candle for West direction
  • 2 Pink candles

After getting all these candles, arrange them directional wise. This would be simple as mentioned above are the directions in which you need to put these candles. Make sure that the place where you are placing these candles is not windy or dirty. Finally your spell caster atmosphere is ready for this aboriginal spell .


After this, final step would require you to light up the 2 Pink candles and hold them in both hands. At this moment think about your ex lover and do not count any kind of mistakes or biter thoughts of him/her in your mind. When you reach a peaceful place in your mind and have all the positive thoughts of your ex lover flowing in your mind, you need to chant the following lines facing the Red candle in the South direction.


“Beautiful Goddess, Powerful God, Hear my Prayer above all,
Lords of Fire, Burn My Desire (3 times),
If it is meant to be, Bring *YOUR EX LOVER’S NAME* to me”


This will complete the love spell and you will get back your ex back in your life once again with Wicca magic spell.

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