Love spell to make someone sexually attracted to you

Love lust is connected with an eternal bond. When you love a person, you are getting sexually attracted towards him/her at the first place. This is not a controllable thing as desires are not in your hand to control. When you are attracted towards a person sexually, you want that same person to like you in that ways.


There are ways for achieving that goal with Wicca magic spell. This is not any kind of trap or sexual harassment that will ponder over the person. Love spell will just help that person to realize your presence in a manner you want. Love spell to make someone sexually attracted to you should be done with a clean mind. You should always remember that love is sacred and pure and it should not be done with malice intentions.

Love spell will not work if you have creed or only lust in your mind. You need to connect your love to the spell to make it work. Think about the person from your heart to whom you want to attract sexually. You will need some ingredients prior to casting your spell. These ingredients for Wicca love spell for sexual attraction are as follows:

  • ¼ teaspoon of wintergreen oil
  • Pinch of Hibiscus
  • Damiana
  • Cheesecloth
  • Red candle

Arranging all these ingredients all together will be the first step in casting the love spell. Sexual attraction is the best way to prove your desire and want for that person. If you can satisfy your love sexually then you have the power of love in your heart and mind. Your body plays the most important role here and hence you should be completely relaxed before casting this love spell.


This love spell is best when performed in your bathroom. Light the red candle near your bathroom tub but at a higher position. After that, pour all the above mentioned ingredients in the cheesecloth and tie it. Fill the water bath-tub and put the tied cheesecloth inside the tub. You are now ready to go inside the tub and think about the kind of person you want to be with. Visualization of the person specific in mind is also necessary if you already have someone in your mind that you want to attract sexually. Think about the person and your passionate love and then just relax inside the tub. Rinse dry after getting a clear picture of your sexual desires and then thank Goddess of Love. Do not use soap or any cleaning material and let the essence of love stay with you that will finally attract the person sexually towards you.

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