Love spell to marry your lover

Thy love is thy destiny. When you want your love to stay forever in your life then you are thinking about marriage. Wicca world of magic has the perfect love spell to marry your lover and bless you with eternal happiness. Marriage is an institution where you keep learning the art of love all your life. Various phases of love will unfold in front of you when you are married to your love. They say that love gradually decreases when you are married but the fact is you get attached to the person you are married to in a manner that you cannot think of yourself individually.


Togetherness is the best blessing lovers can get. Love spells help you to get blessed when your thoughts and hearts are pure and filled with sacred love for each other. There are many people who like to cast this spell together with their partner respectively to overcome the negative approaches towards their marriage. This love spell is free from any kind of malice or manipulative enigma.


Before Starting this spell, I would like to suggest you to use a Professional Spell Caster, Free spells work, but you need a lot of concentration and some skills for them to work. I have used Ms Zelma from many times for different purposes and with Excellent Results!

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Love is only needed as the perfect ingredient in this love spell. Along with that, some of the ingredients you would require will include the following:

  • 3 pieces of yarn or silk cloth with romantic colors (red, pink, light yellow, turquoise, etc)
  • Special paper made of hemp, cotton or real parchment
  • Writing instrument like fountain pen, ink quill, charcoal block
  • Moon incense
  • Wedding ring
  • String that can be worn as necklace

Reading the above ingredients you may have already got an idea about the love spell for marriage. The whole spell is divided into three phases for perfect results. Take the three cloths and tie them into a knot one by one saying the following sentence:


“Venus, Queen of Love, divine Bring the love to me that's mine”


First phase is done and now moving to the next phase you need to perform this with your mind and soul within. Choose a time which will provide you a peaceful atmosphere. Take the paper and write on it the perfect words of love for your marriage with your lover. This will exclude the desires for sexual creed and any kind of selfishness. Next, you will light up a small fire, like campfire, nearby and sprinkle some moon incense in it. Read what you read 3 times and then keep it with yourself for three days even while sleeping. Keep it under the pillow and wherever you go.


Final step will require you to wear the wedding ring on the string whenever you are going to meet your lover to whom you want to get married. The parchment can be placed at a safe place after three days and soon you will get married to your love in a blissful way. Blessed by goddess of Love herself and Hermione everywhere from the world will be a part of your wedding.

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