Money Spells to Find a Job

At this age of fierce of competition, it has become really very tough to get a decent job. You cannot only depend on the qualities or the qualifications that you have. You need to depend on something else. If you think that something else is your luck, then you also have to be sure that luck does not seem to favor one all the time. So, you need to tweak a little with the luck and make the way a little wider and easier for your good luck. Once you have done that your luck will reach you and you will get the job you were seeking.


Now the problem is how can you make your way or that of your luck easier and safer? Simple, you can do that with the help of the things known as magic. Yes, there are spells which will help you not only to deal with the matter but will ensure that you get really good job to support you in your life. Indeed it is a very good option for people who are trying their luck in various ways and are searching for jobs. Among the various spells that are there in the books you will get to know about one which is quite easy and will help you to achieve your goal.


To perform this spell you will require a few things like, an astral candle of your color, a brown candle for the job and a green candle for prosperity. You will also need prosperity oil and prosperity incense. If you start doing this from the night of a new moon, then it will be better, because it is a seven day ritual. You have to light the candles and chant about the good luck and the job to come to you. You also have to anoint the candles before you can use them. Anoint them from the end to the wick.


You have to repeat the ritual every night for a week and have to make sure that the candles are safe so that they get to burn completely. Afterwards you have to make sure you dispose of the wax safely. Finlay after the candles are finished off, you have to light another brown candle and meditate before it and bring balance to your wish and your preparation for the job. This way you will complete the spell and it will make sure that you will get the job you were seeking for a long time.

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