Money spell to find an unexpected amount of money

Getting an unexpected amount of money from an unexpected source is always good and not only that it seems rather sweet. What are the sources or places that can be regarded as the unexpected amount of money? You can think about lottery, but then when you are buying your lottery ticket or you are registering your name you are giving birth to a tiny hope inside your head and so you cannot call it completely unexpected. If you get money from a person as a gift or due to some old property or will that you never even thought about, it will become unexpected money. If you win thousands of dollars instead of hundreds of dollars in a poker game it will be an unexpected amount of money.


If you really want to have that much amount of money then you have to try a little hard for that. If you are thinking about searching everywhere or preparing for the next poker game at the casino, then you are not thinking in the way that you should be. It is better to have the help of something else. You can take help of magic. Are you being apprehensive about using the magic? Then you must know that there are loads of spells which will help you to gain the money that you are looking forward to.


Among the various spells there are a few which will be good and beneficial for you. The USP of these spells is hidden in one factor and that is, the spells are quite easy and you need to have to get expensive and extensively rare things to perform them. You can easily try these spells and the result will also be effective and can be felt within a very short time.


To perform this spell you will need some coins, a glass jar, a green candle and some frankincense oil. First you have to put the coins into the jar and shut the lid tightly. Then you have to put some oil on the candle with your finger tip. If you want you can make dollar sign on the candle with the oil. You have to light the candle in the next step and have to sing a song about getting money and dance around the candle. You also have to shake the bottle to make noise. Continue this until you feel good about yourself and the nest thing you will know is getting money unexpectedly.

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