Protection spell against bad luck

Bad luck is something that every hymen being is afraid of. No one likes to get into this bog and they try their hardest so that no such things ever come to them. Most of the people in the world believe in luck and they believe that bad luck can come to people if they are not very careful.  You must remember the fact that people who believe in magic do believe in bad luck the most. Along with that they try and keep away from the path of the bad luck. According to these people, there are good and bad of everything. That is why there are bad spell c asters and they will try and ruin havoc in your life.


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Some times they strike you with a curse or sometimes your spell backfires. The three law of the magical world is always there and they make sure that is you try to harms someone, then you have to face the same fate in due time. You cannot possibly get away with something if that thing is wrong. Some people may get jealous of you and cast a spell to make sure that you face bad time. These bad times dose the worst thing; they break the confidence and belief of a person. So you must make sure that you remain out the path of these spells and curses.


There are various spells in the books and in the internet that will make sure that you are protected against all the bad lucks in the world. If you can perform the spell properly then you can be completely sure that no bad luck will ever be able to touch you. This way you will be able to ward of the spell. Here you will get to know about one of the simplest yet most effective spells in this purpose and these spells will no doubt help you to ward of the bad luck.

In order to perform this well you will require some dirt, a black candle and a match. The procedure of this spell is quite easy. All you have to do is to take the dirt and give it the shape of a mound. Then you have to put the black candle into that mound. In the next step you have to light the candle. Then you have to chant prayers and ask the powers to protect you from bad luck. After the chanting is over, you will blow out the candle. The spell is performed and you need not have to worry about bad luck any more.

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