Protection spell to attract good spirits at you

Protection is a century’s long quest of man against all the problems that he or she was not capable of doing with or somehow understand. Hums being always seek protection from those forces that are somewhat unexplainable to him and also seem to be pretty dangerous. That is why men have always wanted to remain protected from darkens and this dark has taken the shape of various things like bad spirits or black magic or vampires and such things. This quest is still one. Many people do not believe in these things anymore, but loads of them do and that is why there are spells which will help you to make sure that no negative thing can attack you.


These spells are more of precautionary spells rather than being protective spells. You cannot possibly get protection against a sudden fire, but you can be prepared for it. These spells are not that powerful and are quite easy to cast. If you think that these are not the spells that you want, rather you will like to have something real and more powerful then you have to take the help of the professional spell casters and make sure that everything goes according to the rules and all the ritual gets followed. If you think that you will be fine with the less powerful spells then here is one that you can try.


To perform this spell you have to make sure that you follow the instructions properly. It will be best if the spell gets perform on a Sunday and just before the full moon. If you want to repeat the ritual every month, then this is the best way to do it. You will require things like an altar, a protection incense of your choice and a dressed white candle. To perform the spell properly, you have to light the candle and put it on the altar and not only that, you have to cast a circle before you can attempt to cast the spell. You need to light the incense and then you can stand or kneel down before the candle. Watch the flame for a few moments and meditate. Visualize that the flame and the white light has engulfed you and you are completely protected from all the harms. You have to visualize the whole thing as clearly as you can. Cal the name of the deities you like and ask them to protect you. This way you will remain protected always.

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