Protection spell to cast away bad energies or a curse

Bad energies are something that try and engulf you all the time. It is an ancient belief and that is why people from the ancient age has tried various things to make sure they can ward off these problems. If you are also a believer and if you think that bad energy or curse can create loads of problems in your life then you have to take care of that problem. There are various ways of achieving this feat in magic. If you are a believer then you will be quite happy to know that there are various ways, with which you can fight the negative and ark forces and keep your life out of its clutches.


As you know magic and probably use magic to make sure that things get easier for you, there are some people who use magic to harm people. These people will cast spells and charms and make sure that you get engulfed completely by negative energies and vibes and nothing in your life remain good or positive. It is a sort of curse that can wreck havoc with your life. If you want to make sure that these wrong things cannot make way into your life then you have to use some spells and make sure you are completely protected against these negative and wrong things that are always around in the environment.


There are loads of such spells but you will need one that is short, simple yet powerful. Here you will get to know about one such spell and this spell will keep you completely safe from the problems. In order to perform this spell all you need is a rusty and old iron nail, a hammer and a flat stone. All you have to do is to use these things according to the instructions. The performance of the rituals must happen in a cloudy and moonless night.


On such a night you have to put the stone on a safe place where no one can see you. Then you have to put the nail on the stone and heat it with the hammer for there times, you have to chant to keep away the evils away from you and your home. After that you have to score the strike three times with nail. Finally you have to bury the stone far from your home, and keep the nail with you all the time. If you can perform it properly, you will be free from evils completely.

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