Spell to attract a soulmate

Are you searching for your soul mate? Are you thinking of getting married but not getting good proposals? Do you think about someone but do not know whether that person is your soul mate or not? If the answer to these questions are a YES, then my friend you need a help with a spell, the best thing is to approach a love psychic, since they are professional spell casters who can establish a spell correctly and get you your soul mate, but if you cannot trust them, then try out some free spell to attract a soul mate, if you succeed you are good else approach a professional psychic to help you out with a spell.


Below I have vividly described a spell to attract a soul mate and it is working as well, just make sure you cast it exactly the way it is and be ready to see the good effects, I am sure this spell would help you get your soul mate.


Before you cast the spell, you would need to gather some items which are, if you are a female then get a male genital candle or a male figure candle and vice versa if you are a man, you would also require a cup of rose water and twelve Oz of dragon powder, you would need some rose petals, make sure to get red rose petals, you would need a fish bowl and a gold fish which should be orange and gold in color, please do not buy any other form of fish and avoid buying a fish with any black color or even a spot on their body.


Put the fish bowl fill it with rose water and tap water, so that the bowl is completely filled, then put the dragon powder in it and the rose petals, stir it a little and then put the candle inside, the fish bowl should be small in size so that you can keep the candle inside it and lit the candle, once you have lit the candle then let the gold fish go into the bowl, keep it near your window or on your window shelve and let the moon gaze it, look at the bowl for some time and check the clockwise patter that the gold fish makes, count the number of times the gold fish took continuous clockwise merry go round, then cast the spell written below that many number of times. You will see that after those many days you will get your soul mate.


"My soul, I call you thee,
Make me meet with my mate within,
Jannne jannna tum kab aaoge
Jannne jannna tum kab aaoge
My soul, I call you thee,
Help me meet my mate within."

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