Spell to break up a couple

I have observed this for quite a long time that spells to break couples is in high demand, this is because of few reasons that I could have interpreted, majorly being out of jealousy or enmity. Thou at times it is because you want someone who is loved by someone else or who loves someone else, but you just want that person and take help of spell to break up a couple and bring him or her back to you. Many times this spell is also used just to bring in pain between a couple and hurt them, though whatever might be the reason, many people are looking for spells to break up a couple.


Looking into the demand for such a spell, I got into work and did my research and found out that there are quite a few spells which can be cast by anyone to break up a couple, below I have summarized one such spell to break up a couple, but since these kind of spells should only be performed by a professional spell caster or psychic, hence the result of the spell I am mentioning would not last much longer, probably for three months or so, but you can always re-cast the spell to keep the effects long, since this is free.


We will get to it right away. What you would require is a piece of cloth that has been used by the couple, a black separation candle, two strings and two distract bamboo sticks (these are small sticks like chopsticks) and a little mud, along with some sand and spring water). Mix the mud, sand and spring water and create dough then place it on a distance of one meter from each other, stick the bamboo stick on each of the mud balls, so that the bamboo sticks are hold in an upright direction, on one bamboo stick tie the piece of cloth used by the boy and on the other by the girl, then tie both the cloths together, keep this arrangement on a higher ground since bottom of that you would need to put the black separation candle, once done lit the candle and chant the spell written below thirteen times, the candle by the time you finish off with your spell the thirteenth time would have burnt the cloths and separated them from each other, and so would the couple be.


"tora tora toru toru
Break them bad, make them weak,
Break them away, from each twig,
Tora tora toru toru."

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