Spell to change eye color

We all want to look cool, and the best part of our body which makes us look really cool is our eyes, because that is one part which is looked at by anyone who meets us, passes by us or looks at us or glance at us, this is one main reason that we all try to change our eye color so that others keep looking at our eyes. Generally we go and buy costly colorful contact lenses which we can wear to make our eyes look different, but due to the popularity of these lenses now people know that we have a fake eye color. So what can make our eye color change and is for real, well the solution is a spell to change eye color.


You can even cast these spells of your own, but make sure to fight the side effects, else you can approach a professional witch or spell caster to do it for you, below I have searched up a self to do spell to change eye color which you can perform yourself and change the color of your eyes.


You would need a candle of the same color which you want your eye to change to, a bottle of rose water and you are good to go.


Sit in a dark room, with only the color candle, make sure there are no mirrors or any reflecting object, since you cannot see yourself while performing this spell and 24hrs after that else the spell won’t effect. Light up the candle, sit beside it, take little rose water on your both the palms and put it on your eyes, then gaze at the candle as it burns, every time your eyes dry up, put some more rose water and then keep gazing, each time you use the rose water, you have to chant the below spell five times, seven times, nine times and so on. This means the first time you chant the spell 5 times, the second time 7 times the third time 9 times, and so forth increasing the number by two each time, making sure the number is an odd, if you reach an even number stop and start from beginning again. Some side effects that would make you realize that the spell is working are headache, burning eyes, itching eyes, but do not panic.


"Color my eyes, moon is so bright Phursat bursat, tursat Bright like moon is my eyes Phursat, bursat, tursat."

Spell for better skin

We all love our body, and we all want to have a great physical structure and a good skin. We try to follow a healthy diet and a good regime to make sure that we have a glowing skin, which is adorned by many. Whenever we find any problem with our skin, especially those of the facial skin, we quickly run to our GP for a quick solution, but at times it has been found that some skin problems cannot be fixed, if you have a similar problem then the best solution you can opt for is a spell for better skin.


You would need to look for a professional psychic who would cast a spell for you and make your skin look better again and for permanent, but if you think that is something which your pocket would deny then I have a free spell for better skin, which you can perform by yourself and get a better looking skin.


You would need a cauldron, some dragon nails, sand, mud, sea water, spring water, red blood powder and some alahama incense sticks or granules. Pour the sea water, spring water, sand and mud inside the cauldron and stir it, then pour the red blood powder, make sure the color of the mixture changes to red, if required you can use a full packet of 1 Oz or more. Stir it well, then mix the dragon nails, light up the incense stick or granules and let it burn to ashes, then mix the ashes to this mixture, once everything is mixed together stir it well, it would become like a lotion, store it in a container, and use it every day on your skin, before you use it you need to chant the below written spell twelve times each day and then use the lotion twelve times on your skin, keep it for twelve minutes and then wash it with rose water, do this for twelve days and get a better looking skin forever.


"Goddess of beauty, I pray to thee
Make me a queen, that's my wish
Sundary, sundary, lagaum, lagaum
Kota sundary lagaum."

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