Spell to reunite lovers

Spell to reunite lovers, are strong love spells that are cast by love psychics only, it takes lot of experience and also time to reunite lovers using a spell, only the right spell would reunite lovers and might take more than two weeks to show the results. Below I have written a spell to reunite lover that you can cast yourself, after much research one of the witches gave me this spell, which is a general spell to reunite lovers and works in most of the cases.


First you would require two bowl of different size, one big and the other a little smaller than the bigger one, make a small needle size hole on the bigger bowl, then fill the smaller bowl with river water and the bigger bowl with sea water, stack the bigger bowl above the smaller bowl, then you would need a couple candle, you would get it in your nearby witch store or buy it online and a packet of wizo cinnamon incense stick. Place the candle on the bigger bowl which is in the top and light it up then put all the incense stick around the two bowl like how a bundle of wheat is kept on the fields, put both the pictures of the lovers whom you would like to get united, burn all the incense stick and cast the spell written below hundred and eight times. You would see that from the time the candle burns off completely in hundred and eight hours both the person would get reunited.


" Aruganus mericulun vediatamea
Celicious musculino feminine
Unite the two placed within you
For you are like glue
Make them one like never before
So they stay together ever."

Spell to make him think of me

Some girls have the charm in them that guys look at them for the first time and they keep on thinking about them, but this is not true with all of us, thus at times we feel degraded and depressed, when we think of why a man is looking or thinking about another girl and not about me. Well, the answer to this question can be solved by a magic spell, yes a magic spell to make him think of me would just do on what is required to make him think only about you.


Though this kind of spells are to be bought from professional spell caster, but I have one for free, so keep reading below to find out on what all you need to cast this spell for free and by your own self, just follow the instructions carefully and you would see that the man whom you want is thinking only about you.


Here is what you would require, seven ginger incense stick along with rose water, a picture of the person whom you want to think about you. Once you have all these, and then first you need to check the moon phase, as this spell needs to be cast on a waning moon phase, best if it is a full moon night. First wash your hands with the rose water, then wash the picture of the person with rose water, once you are done, put the seven ginger incense sticks and roll the picture, so that the ginger incense sticks are covered by the picture in the middle, then cast the below spell seven times, and each time you cast it lit one of the incense stick, when all the seven sticks are lit, leave it to burn, it would burn and along will burn the picture, if the whole picture gets burn then in seven days time the person in the picture will start thinking only about you.


"Desires are like fire,
Fire burns like fumes,
Think of me, think of me
Until the fumes becomes fire.
Alhadhiti, alphuzza, alphellie, amadenu
Alhadhiti, alphuzza, alphellie, amadenu
Desires are like fire,
Fire burns like fumes,
Think of me, think of me
Until the fumes becomes fire."

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