How to seduce women

Men all over the worked have fought bravely over this one thing for centuries. Perhaps from the day first sexual attraction was built between man and woman, this tradition got initiated. Men want to seduce women they like. Not always they like to do that just for the fun of it, they are tad serious sometimes. Every man has his own techniques and strategies to make that happen, but unless you are experienced enough in this subject you will require some help. Making a woman sexually attracted to you is not very easy a job, you have to pull in the right plugs or you may end up looking like a pervert.


Women always like men who are sweet, sexy, and chivalrous yet somehow have a boyish charm. They are not very interested to the thugs or adrenalin junkies. At least you cannot make a woman fell in love you with you just by showing muscles, you have to be much more delicate, humorous and cerebral than that. Bluntness never works with women. Here are some tips which will help you to seduce a woman. In order to make a woman sexually attracted to you, there must be something irresistible about you, but that does not mean you have to dance naked in front of her. Everything must have a subtlety to it. Do not try too hard. Do not make it a challenge to seduce a woman within a few minutes. When you are trying to hard it shows. If you really want to seduce a woman do not just limit yourself to make her like you. Be a little direct and drop little hints, but do that delicately and not in the blunt way. These tips can take you a long way with women.


Problem is, you have to be very patient with these techniques, because they will take time. If you want to make things move faster, you have to try and blend other things in. For instance, you can take help of magic. Yes, there are spell and charms which will help you to seduce attractive and beautiful women. One spell that can help you is ‘love spell’ that you have to perform by lighting a candle and chanting the name of the girl you want to seduce. You have to do this with utmost belief and concentration. Make sure nothing disturbs you during the process. This way you will be able to make women move the way you want.  Indeed, magic make things easier, faster and better than you can think. By performing these seduction spells properly, you will be able to make your life exciting and interesting than ever before.

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