Love spell to attract a certain person

If you want to attract a certain person towards you, might be for different reasons, might be you just want to attract the person, or might be you want that the person gets attracted towards you and develops feeling for you, or you just want to make that person attract towards you so that the person keeps on thinking only about you, then you can cast a love spell to attract a certain person.


You can cast this spell yourself, below I have mentioned a way and some items required to cast such a spell, follow the same and cast the spell yourself. The first thing you need is rose petals, dipped in rose water and some incense stick. First light up the incense stick, then move the rose petals dipped in rose water ten times clock wise and counter clock wise around the incense stick, while you make the merry go round you need to cast the spell below, make sure every three rotation that is clock wise – counter clockwise – clockwise should start and end within one time full spell casted.


Once you are done, mix a drop of your sweat in the bottle, and then sprinkle the same on the person whom you want to attract, well you need to sprinkle this on the person five times on the days when the moon is in waning and waxing phase.


“Lukus, phukus, look thy me,


Tukus dukus, I am thee,


Get to me is all I want,


You want me and look at me,


Lukus, phukus, look thy me,


Tukus dukus, I am thee.”

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